Learn how to add and manage your library's ebooks both individually and in bulk in Kotobee Author.

For a quick overview on how to manage your library's ebooks, watch the video below: 

For a step by step process:

  1. Go to the Manage tab
  2. Click on the Hosted Libraries item in the left column. 
  3. Select your library from the dropdown list. For library management, you will spend most of your time in this part of Kotobee Author.
  4. By default, the Books subsection is selected in the interface. If it is not selected, click on it. 

  5. You will see a listing of all your library ebooks. You can add more ebooks to the library in bulk using the + Add EPUB file(s) to library button at the top of the screen.

For each ebook in the list, you have a number of actions to choose from:

  • Publish/unpublish: Hide or show this ebook’s thumbnail in the library.
  • UsersShow the list of users having permission to access this ebook. This will take you to the Users library subsection.
  • Promo Codes: Show the list of promo codes having permissions to access this ebook. This will take you to the Promo Codes library subsection.
  • Download to Edit: Download the ebook, to edit locally. Once you finish your edits, you can click on Apply changes online at the bottom of the page to directly apply your changes to the library. If for any reason you would like to use the ebook elsewhere, click on Detach at the bottom of the page to detach the ebook and edit it as a standard ebook.
  • Delete: Delete the ebook from the library.
  • CategoryFrom this dropdown list, you can set this ebook’s category or genre. You can add categories yourself.

Book dashboard

By clicking on the Dashboard button will all the information related to a particular book including a preview of the book's appearance in the book information panel will open.

Here are some further options:

  • Additional info: Any miscellaneous information you would like to store for that ebook.
  • Unauthorized book redirect link: If the reader does not have access to this book, he will be redirected to a URL of your choice, which by common sense should be your online store to purchase access to that book. This setting exists globally for the library, but now you can refine it at the book level.
  • Background image: This image will act as a cover image for the book when displayed in the book information panel. Each book can have its own cover image.