Learn how to export your ebook library from Kotobee Author.

Exporting your library

You'll probably export your library only once as once your library is exported and distributed correctly, you can control all of its aspects through the backend.

For a video walkthrough of the steps, watch the video below: 

To get started:

  • Go to the Manage tab. 
  • Click on the Hosted Libraries item in the left column. Select your library from the drop-down list. 
  • Click on Export in the left column under Libraries
  • You will find the page divided into different tabs, with the default selection set to Export web app. You will immediately see the URL to the online (web) version of your library. Click on it to see your library inside your web browser.

The rest of the options on this screen allow you to choose from the different platforms available to export to. Libraries may be exported to 4 different formats: web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, and SCORM components. Please refer to the section on Exporting your ebook to follow similar steps with a full explanation.