When creating an ebook, it may be the case that not all components are applicable. If you are publishing a picture-based ebook, then a text-to-speech function may seem useless and puzzle your readers. For a confidential ebook, you may prefer to block users from copying any content to their own clipboards.

Kotobee Author provides you the flexibility of enabling only the components you need. Click on Customize at the top header to enter the customization screen. In the side column, click on the Components tab button. In this area, you are able to enable and disable the different functional components of your ebook. By clicking the Enable or Disable buttons, the component is enabled or disabled, respectively.


Default Language

For any ebook you create, there are over 16 supported languages that your readers can choose from. This option allows you to choose the starting language for your ebook. The Customize language button allows you to edit individual words and phrases in the selected translation, to have your own translation version. For information about customizing languages read: Customizing language translations.

Google Analytics Tracking ID
The Google Analytics ID to track viewer analytics for your ebook or library. A complete tutorial available here.


Enable note-taking, highlighting, and bookmarking.

Search within book

Allows for searching throughout the whole book, and locating precise keyword positions.


Pronounce any word/sentence. You may choose the pronunciation language (and accent in the case of English) from the Speech language dropdown menu.

 Page animation
 The transition animation to use when navigating to another page or chapter.

Google lookup

Search a word/sentence in Google.

 Wikipedia lookup
 Search word/sentence in Wikipedia.

Copy to clipboard

Copy a word/sentence to the user’s clipboard

Social share

Allow for sharing sentences via social networks. This component is available for mobile apps only.

Preserve location

Preserve the chapter the user was reading when he exits the ebook. Once he returns, this chapter will be automatically opened.

 Style controls
 Allow the user to disable CSS styles existing within the chapter, from the settings panel. The user will also be able to apply custom appearances to the chapter.
Text size controls

Only for reflowable layout chapter, allow the user to control the size of the text. For web, this is done from the settings panel. For mobile, it is done by pinch-to-zoom gestures on the screen.

Autosize header

Smartly collapse the header when the user starts scrolling through the content downwards. Available for mobile apps only. To see a preview of this feature, make sure you have selected Mobile app mode.

Fit to screen
Fit fixed-layout pages to the screen such that the entire height of the page is visible.
Save as PDF
Allow the users to export the displayed chapter as a PDF file. Available for web only.
Allow printing chapters. Available for web and desktop only.