Before publishing your ebook, you may want to see a preview what it will finally look like. Kotobee Author provides a full interactive preview of your ebook within the window - there is no need to create external files for preview. This preview shows you the ebook as an app (with an embedded reader). In other words, this is what it will look like if you're creating a web app, desktop app, mobile app, or SCORM package. If you are simply exporting an EPUB file (or any standard file), the interface will depend on which software is used for opening the file. If Kotobee Reader  is used to open your EPUB, then the interface will be similar to what you're seeing here.

Note that you can preview any chapter individually by entering Preview Mode while editing. This is done by clicking the Preview Mode button at the bottom right of the screen, while in the Edit screen.

Previewing on a certain platform or device

Click on Customize at the top header to enter the customization screen. The large preview frame allows you to see a carbon copy interactive preview of your ebook. Click on the Platform dropdown menu near the top. This displays a list of the possible devices that you can preview your ebook on. Select your preference. Note that some devices allow you to rotate them, showing a different orientation. By default, your app is previewed full view (filling the entire visible container).

In the case of mobile devices, you can preview the library as a web app, or as a native app. At any time, you may restart the library preview by clicking on the Restart ebook button.

The Mode option allows you to emulate the app as a web app or a mobile app. Although both options give very similar results, there are certain UI differences to be aware of. In Mobile app mode, you will find less buttons, and no scrollbars. To navigate around, or scroll, you should drag with the mouse, emulating a touch. You can drag to the left or right, to emulate a swipe. When selecting words or sentences, both modes display the options in different ways: