Kotobee Author allows you to design your book content once, then publish it to different platforms and devices, in different formats. You will guarantee the consistency of your ebook across the different environments. Kotobeeā€™s export formats can be divided into three categories.

Standard formats

If you distribute your ebook to one of those globally accepted ebook formats, you may give your users the flexibility to use external software and devices to read your ebook. These formats already have different softwares and devices supporting them, and can be easily opened in other editors. The currently supported standard formats are: EPUB, MOBI (Kindle), PDF, and Word.

Note: Encrypted EPUB while useful in restricting access unauthorized users, is not supported as a readable format except on Kotobee Reader.

Kotobee Reader Embedded

These formats have a seamless instance of Kotobee Reader running. The Kotobee Reader instance is branded and customized as you wish. The advantage of this format is that your ebook is a contained app, and runs independently without any special plugins or advanced requirements. The currently supported formats are: Desktop apps (Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, Mac, and Chrome apps), native mobile apps (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone), web apps (HTML5 based), and SCORM components.

Kotobee Cloud Export

These export options are covered more in the Kotobee Cloud user guide. Kotobee Cloud allows you to publish your ebook online with a single click, saving you all the trouble of hosting it yourself. Also, it allows publishing of ebooks to online libraries. Please see the Kotobee Cloud user guide for more information.