Ebook web apps are the most common export format, since the ebook can run on different devices, as long as there is a web browser to display the ebook. Ebook web apps exported through Kotobee Author are responsive and display well even on the smallest screens. Kotobee Author’s ebook web apps are HTML5 based.

Go to the export screen by clicking on Export in the header bar. In the left column, click on Export Web App. For many export formats including this one, you will find an option to add this ebook to Kotobee Cloud. For more information about the convenience of this feature, please refer to Understanding Cloud Ebooks


Segregate long text
Some old mobile devices may face difficulty scrolling large amounts of text. This option will divide the content into isolated chunks that will be shown and hidden only when needed. There may be a slight jittering effect. Therefore only enable this feature if you are targeting older mobile devices.
Website icon
Use an image as a favicon (shortcut icon) for your web app.
Optimizing causes unused images and files to be deleted, producing smalled file size. Avoid optimizing if you have manually added images through the file manager, and will access them using Javascript.

If you have already entered your serial number and have the required permissions, the buttons will read “Create”. Simply click on the button, and choose the appropriate location for your files.