Learn how to export ebooks as Web apps with Kotobee Author.

Why export as a Web App?

Web apps are one of the most versatile formats as they can be read in any web browser, and they automatically adjust to whatever screen they're being displayed on. The Web apps exported are HTML5 based. Many businesses display catalogs and product manuals in their websites as web apps.

 To export Web apps:

  1. Click on Export in the header bar.
  2. Then click on Export Web App in the left column.


Once the Export Web App page opens, you'll see that it offers you three options before you can head on to creating your Web App.

Segregate long text

To make your ebook easier to read on old mobile devices, clicking on the box next to Segregate long text divides the content into parts that will be visible or hidden when needed. (There may be a slight jittering effect. Therefore only enable this feature if you are targeting older mobile devices.)

Website icon

This option will create a shortcut icon for your web app using an image (a favicon).


Optimizing helps you decrease the size of your ebook by removing unused images and files. If you've manually added images through the file manager and will access them using Javascript, you shouldn't optimize your ebook.

Note: If you want to distribute your ebook app privately or for sale, you'll need Kotobee Cloud Services. For more information on this feature, please refer to Understanding Cloud Ebooks.

Please keep in mind that: If you are using Kotobee Author without a serial number, the Create button will read as Enter serial number. Click on it and follow the instructions you'll be given to register for a free serial number. Once you have the required permissions, the buttons will turn to Create.