Chrome apps are a good way to run offline apps on different platforms using the same package file. Chrome apps are run inside the Google Chrome web browser, or on the emerging Google Chromebooks. Chrome apps are the only way to install an app onto a Chromebook. Kotobee Author allows you to export your ebook into a Chrome app very easily. 


Under the Export tab in the header, click on Export Desktop Apps. This will give you the choice between three different platforms: Windows, Macintosh, and Chrome App.

First fill in the Application Name, and an optional App logo.


In the Chrome App box, click on Set description and version. Enter the description and version of the app as you would like. The description will appear in the Chrome Web Store if you are planning to submit your app there.


Once you are ready, click on Create

Running your Chrome App locally

Open Google Chrome and go to this URL chrome://extensions. You will see the screen below.


Check Developer mode at the top right. Once checked, it will show some buttons for dealing with extensions:


Click on Load unpackaged extension and browse to the exported folder from Kotobee Author. You will find your app shown at the top of the list.


You can launch the app by just clicking on the Launch button. This will give you a preview of what the app will look like.

Packing your Chrome App

Click on the Pack extension button. You will see the following window.


Next to Extension root directory, click on Browse and locate the exported folder from Kotobee Author. Now click on Pack extension.


Two files will be created for you. The extension file (with file extension .crx) and the private key file (with file extension .perm). You will need both files when submitting your app to the Chrome Web Store.