A table of contents is a very essential and useful component of any book. It outlines and shows the reader how the book is structured and where to find specific content. In ebooks, table of contents are even more useful because they can directly link to any chapter by a simple click. Kotobee Author offers you a lot of flexibility and simplicity when creating the table of contents.

You do not need to do anything to have a table of contents, as this is automatically created for you. The generated table of contents is used internally by ebook readers to understand the structure of the ebook, and provide the option for the user to jump to any chapter.

Many authors, however, prefer that the first chapter of the book is actually the table of contents itself. So once the user opens the ebook, rather than seeing the content of the ebook, he would see the table of contents instead. Kotobee Author can autogenerate the table of contents as the first chapter of the book, along with corresponding links. This is done through the Book Manager.

In the Book Manager, make sure you have selected the Table of Contents tab. Check the Autogenerate Table of Contents page box, to enable this option along with the rest of the options. The table of contents is generated based on your list of chapter/subchapter titles in the chapter panel. For more details refer to the article: Chapter management.


Preview in browser Preview the table of contents chapter in an external browser (Available for Windows only).
Title By default the chapter title will be "Table of contents". You can rename this to whatever you like.
List style Choose the list style for the chapters. This will specify the type of bullets that will appear next to each chapter.
Children list style Choose the list style for subsequent (children) chapters. This will specify the type of bullets that will appear next to each subchapter.
Spacing Control the vertical spacing between each chapter and the next in the list.
Font size Control the font size of each chapter in the list.
Custom CSS You may apply your own custom CSS for the table of contents chapter. This will give you additional formatting control.

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