As of Kotobee Author v1.3.0, premium users have the ability to edit the translations of words and phrases for a particular language. There translations are what's used for the interface of the reader, when exporting to any app format (web, desktop, mobile, or SCORM). Although we at Kotobee are investing in professional translation services to translate our software updates to 17 different languages, there are cases when you would need to do further edits. Here are some reasons:

  • You want to use a different tone of language. For example, for a children audience, you may want to add some humour to the wordings.
  • Your audience's language is not supported in the reader. Hence you want to add it as a new language.
  • You feel other wording may be more appropriate for your industry. For example, instead of Next chapter, you may prefer Advance forward.

Customizing languages is done from the Components tab in the Customize section.

First select the language that you would like to customize from the Default language dropdown menu. Click on Customize language to open the language editor.

The language editor shows all the possible words and phrases that are used in the reader's interface. The default value is shown in the left column, and the editable value is shown in the textfields in the right column. To edit, simply apply the changes to the textfields and click on save. The customized translation will be saved with your project file. Note that you may save individual language customizations to your computer by clicking on Save to file, or loading them back in using Load from file.

Filtering translations

In most cases you will find yourself using this feature to edit a specific translation string (or very few at least). To search for it, you may use the Filter field located at the bottom right. Simply type in the current translation and it will filter the results for you.

Resetting translations

After applying your edits, if you happen to return to the language editor for the same translation language, it will show a new option: Reset translations

This will basically reset all your edits to the default translations provided by the software.

Adding a new language

There isn't a direct capability of adding a new language. What could be done instead, is to customize the language you are most familiar with, make it the default language for the ebook, and disable the settings panel. This way the user will not see the name of the language, nor have the capability of switching to a different language.