The Kotobee WooCommerce plugin allows you to integrate your cloud ebooks and libraries for selling through your WooCommerce store under your Wordpress site. As way of introduction, WooCommerce is a comprehensive plugin that adds ecommerce functionality into your Wordpress site. Through WooCommerce, you can display products for selling using different payment methods. A comprehensive WooCommerce tutorial can be found here:

The Kotobee WooCommerce Plugin

The idea is simple:

  1. Create virtual products (representations) of your ebooks inside your WooCommerce store.
  2. Using the Kotobee WooCommerce plugin, link each product to the appropriate Kotobee cloud ebook (or in the case of Kotobee Library, you may link to an ebook, category, or to the entire library).
  3. Whenever a customer purchases a product, he will automatically receive permission to the Kotobee entity. Optionally, he may automatically receive an activation email containing details on resetting his Kotobee password.

Installation and Setup

Download the plugin file from

Go to the plugins section of your Wordpress site.

Click on Add New, and then Upload Plugin. Browse to the downloaded Kotobee WooCommerce plugin zip file and select Install Now.

Now the plugin is installed. Go go the Settings menu and you will find Kotobee WooCommerce Integration in the menu. Click on it.

In the plugin's settings page enter your serial number. This is the serial number provided by Kotobee that gives access to the cloud ebook or library you will be using. You may also enable the option of automatically sending activation emails to new customers. Now the plugin is all set up.


When creating or editing a product, on the right hand panel, you will find a button labeled Link to Kotobee. Click on that button to access the linking dialog box.

A dialog box will open showing a listing of all your cloud ebooks and libraries. If you can not find them, make sure you had entered the correct serial number in the plugin settings.

Simply select the ebook you would like to link this product to and click the respective Link button. Note that you may select more than one ebook. The ebook is linked to that product. Users who purchase this product will automatically receive access to this ebook.


To test the plugin, you need to simulate a purchase. In order to do that, you need to create a new order manually. Go to the orders section of WooCommerce.

Click on Add Order at the top. In the new order screen, you do not need to fill out all the information. Only the following is required:

  • Email address under Billing details
  • Add the product to test by clicking on Add Item then Add product(s). After you select the product(s), hit Save.

Note: depending on your version of Wordpress and WooCommerce, some of these button labels may be named differently.

Save the order by clicking on Save order at the top right. Now the default status for any new order is "Pending payment". This is visible from under the General Details area. In order to simulate a purchase, we will need to change the order status. 

So while you're now inside the "Edit order" screen, change the Order status to Completed. Then click on Save to save the changes to the order. You should now be given access to the Kotobee ebook and receive an email with instructions.

For any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact support.