Tabs appear at the bottom bar of the ebook reader, always visible while the user is reading. They open side-panels or popup panels for providing the user with further options, such as search or a notebook. Kotobee Author not only allows you to enable/disable those tabs, but also allows you to create your very own.


 Media tab    
 Displays a button in the bottom tab bar, which will open a panel showing a list of all images in the book.
Chapters tab

Displays a button in the bottom tab bar, which will open a panel showing the table of contents. If this is disabled, the chapters panel may still be accessed by clicking on the chapter title.

Settings tab

Displays a button in the bottom tab bar which will show the settings menu.

Notebook tab
Opens a panel listing all notes, bookmarks, and highlights done by a user throughout the book, chapter b y chapter.

Search within book

Allows for searching throughout the whole book, and locating precise keyword positions.


Add tabs

By clicking on the Add tab button you will be able to add your own custom tab labeled to your preference. This feature is available only for Kotobee Author Basic and above.

Click on the Add tab button to show the new dialog for adding tabs. Under title, enter the label that will be used for the tab. You will be able to select between 4 different actions to be triggered through this custom tab:

To website
Open an external link in the browser
To Book Location
Jump to a certain chapter (and/or optionally anchor) in the currently opened book
Popup message
Display a message in a popup dialog box
Play an MP3 file (locally or remotely)