Learn how to export an Android app with Kotobee Author, how to register a Google Play Developer account, how to create your app within Google Play and finally how to test your new app.

If you haven't already, first read how to Export Mobile Apps, for general instructions on creating any mobile app with Kotobee, and Set Up Your App Information, for instructions to help you enter your app's general information. Then return here for specific instructions on creating and adding apps to the Google Play Store.

  1. Click Enable.
  2. The required information for Android apps will appear and the Required Mobile Credits in the lower header will be calculated for you.


Create random keystore
Click here to auto-generate a random keystore file, and auto-fill the rest of the fields with the appropriate alias and password.

Keystore file
All apps must be digitally signed with a certificate. While you can create a random keystore automatically through the Create random keystore button in the latest versions of Kotobee Author, you can still use your own keystore if you prefer. To do that, please refer to this link: create an Android keystore file.

Keystore alias
Here you can add an identifier for your keystore. You can create whatever alias you'd like, just make sure it's easy to remember.

Keystore password
Here you can add the keystore password if one exists. Please refer to this article for more on creating an Android keystore file.

Private key password
Here you can add your key's password if one exists.  Please refer to this article for more on creating an Android keystore file.

Android Version Code
Follow the Android version code guidelines while writing your Android version code here. It should be an integer (decimals are strictly forbidden and will result in an error).


To upload your Mobile app onto the Play store, you need a Google Play Developer Account, click here to register an account.

Creating your app

Here we'll take you step by step through the application creation process.

1) After logging into the Google Play Console, click on the CREATE APPLICATION button located at the top right corner.

2) Enter the details for the app in the dialog box that will appear, such as your Default language and app Title.

You will be taken to the Store Listing page where you will enter all the information regarding your app. Google does an excellent job in providing guidelines that explain the various fields and requirements. 

Uploading your app release

1) After selecting your app from the All applications list, click on the App releases button in the left menu.

2) Under Production track, click on the MANAGE button. This track will upload the app directly to the store. If you'd like to test the app first, you will need to use the Alpha or Beta tracks found under the Production track.

3) Click on the CREATE RELEASE button.

4) In the App signing by Google Play dialog box, click on CONTINUE. In the next step, you will be shown a Terms of Service page that you will need to accept.

5) Under the Android App Bundles and APKs to add box, select the APK file you had exported from Kotobee Author.

6) Enter a name for this release (e.g. First Launch). You may optionally enter release notes under the What's new in this release? box. This is particularly useful when you are uploading updates to apps. Once you're done, click on the REVIEW button at the bottom of the page.

7) In the next page, you will find the START ROLLOUT TO PRODUCTION button is dimmed. In order to activate it and release your app to the world, you will need to go through the sections Store listing, Content rating, and Price & distribution and fill in the mandatory fields in each of those sections. Whenever you complete any of those sections, the check icon appearing next to its menu item will turn green.

8) Once you're done, go back to the app page, and click on the START ROLLOUT TO PRODUCTION button. 

9) Now your app will appear in the app store. If you need to adjust any information for the app's page on the store, click on the Store listing button under Store presence in the left menu. Make sure to pay attention to the Feature image and the Screenshots.

Testing your Android app

If you would like to test your Android app,

  1. Go to the App releases page.
  2. Under Production track, click on the MANAGE button.
  3. Choose the MANAGE for the Beta or Alpha tracks. 

This will allow you to upload your app and select particular devices/users in order to test the app, and then you can move the app up to production to make it public for all users.