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Indesign epub dont work in kotobee

The epub imported from indesign do not work well in the author kotobee, as the animations for example .....

for me the problem is the automatic sound of the first page...

Ok I saw the problem. Thank you for the screenshots.

Por favor follow this article here to let the animations work: 

replace the idGeneratedScript.js file in the epub and nothing is fixed. A question that means "Replace the existing idGeneratedScript.js file in Adobe InDesign's JS folder with the new one.", do I have to change the script in the folder of my indesign? thanks

Yes that is correct. It in the folder of the files exported from InDesign.

that script does not exist in the indesign scripts folder ...

It does exist Mauro. I found it in your files. 

Check again please.

Do I have to unzip the epub and replace that file?

modify the idGeneratedScript file and it turned out worse ....

The instructions are simple and listed here: 

You won't need to unzip the epub. You'll need to do a few steps while you have your ebook open in Kotobee Author.

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