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Images/Links Removed With WORD Export

When exporting the Ebook as a WORD document, two things happen that I've noticed:

  1. Links, such as Table of Contents, do not work. So, you have to manually delete that page.
  2. Images do not show up.

Suggestion for exporting as WORD document: Fix the linking so the TOC actually works, or export it with no TOC links at all. Secondly, export it WITH the images (it shows that they're linked incorrectly) or allow a checkbox to remove ALL images from WORD export.

Exporting a Word document is a bit complex, which is why it doesn't support the linking and images. Also note that interactive elements will be stripped out from a Word document, so none of your videos, audio, questions will appear. That's why only few of our users have found this export format useful for them, and then they manually add the images later in the Word file themselves.

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