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Buy from a La Redoute Catalog


Find La Redoute exclusive designer clothes, regular basics and trendy accessories as well as authentic English lingerie and fashionable maternity apparel. You'll love La Redoute Plus whether you are searching for style in the largest scale. In the online Sportswear collection, you'll often find La Redoute children's wear, which is fantastic for mode-conscious tots and teens. All this, plus trendy men's clothes and French furniture. 

La Redoute provides, through its catalog and online, an enormous compilation of female wear, ranging in exclusive variations of renowned international creatives to high-value pure white t-shirts. La Redoute does not just take care of women, but also the difference can be seen in your family and children.

You can quickly select Buy from a La Redoute Catalog at the top of your panel and enter the catalog number of all your pieces when you already had some of the new La Redoute catalogs and want to buy them from the La Redoute site. Also, you can add things in your cart from other online catalogs. Only click on a shop tab (females, men ...) and if you like, select more items.

No issue if you do not already have a catalog printed. You may still order directly from the blog, as with any other shopping website, and start filling in the form on the webpage when you wanted to receive a collections free of charge. Furthermore, please notice that when you request a catalog, your private account with La Redoute is applied automatically for, while credit period is in line with other specific catalogs.

Shopping at La Redoute is a simple way, and with its excellently-designed website you can find whatever you want. Also, you could be convinced that you purchase with a legitimate brand with massive resources as part of Redcats, which is part of the third largest home shopping organization in the world. The Empire Stores, Daxon and Vertbaudet also feature brands in the Redhats stable catalogue. The Redoute is managed by the Redcats Community.

Terms and Condition La Redoute Credit

Credit card is La Redoute Personal Account. Personal accounts will be appropriate under the terms of service of the credit facility to UK citizens 18 years of age and older. Typical 26.8% APR. The total monthly payment amounts to £5 or 5% of the balance remaining, whichever is significantly lower. The APR is 26.8% APR for balance amounts of up to €600, and the APR is 19.9% APR for reserve amounts above €600. Under no other circumstances, La Redoute retain the right to pay you £ 15 for any infringement of the credit contract incurred when keeping your account updated and making timely payments.

La Redoute have several specialized catalogs to browse online. Those include their set of more measurements, collections for editing styles and home editing. Most of their catalogues are delivered between July and October, and January and April. If you have not received a catalogue, please contact

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