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"Skinny but belly" (Skinny Fat) How to exercise?

Even if a person with a slim figure is more than half the victory Because besides it means the risk of getting various dangerous diseases Will be less than a person with a fat body Or overweight Also in good shape that you can choose to wear a wide variety of clothes as well. But even though thin people look more advantageous than obese people in every way, there are still some who have problems. And some fixes do not fall as well That is a group of people who "Slim but with belly" there

Thin but belly or Skinny Fat is a group of people whose overall weight does not exceed the standard. Appearance at first glance It seems to have a good shape, slim face, small limbs, slim but only part of the stomach Or  สล็อต  protruding belly Or slightly bloated Not flat, beautiful like a normal person Thus making it a problem as to how to exercise Or how to take care of yourself to reduce the size of the "belly" effectively without affecting other parts of the body. Of the body as much

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