Learn how to export your Library as a Windows Phone app with the help of Kotobee Author.

If you'd like to enable offline access for your users, you need to do so before your libraries are exported.

If you haven't already, first read how to Export Your Library as a Mobile App, for general instructions on creating any mobile app with Kotobee, and Set Up Your App Information, for instructions to help you enter your app's general information. Then return here for specific instructions on creating apps for Windows phones.

Click Enable and the required information for Windows apps will appear and the Required Mobile Credits in the lower header will be calculated for you.

The only information you need to enter to create a Windows phone app is your Publisher ID. To get one, just sign up for a developer account with Microsoft. If you already have a publisher ID, then go into the Windows Dev Center dashboard and you'll find your ID in the account details. See the Microsoft Support Page: Managing Your Profile.

If you want to distribute your ebook app privately or for sale, you'll need Kotobee Cloud Services. For more information on this feature, please refer to Understanding Cloud Ebooks.