Learn how to host your ebook using Kotobee Cloud.

Host your ebook

Hosting your ebook using Kotobee Cloud saves you the hassle of searching for a reliable server and uploading files via an FTP client. It's done using the Kotobee Author interface. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions to use this feature.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the Export tab. 
  2. Select Host Online from the left column. 
  3. Enter a URL Alias that users can use to access your ebook. The alias must be unique, and not less than 4 characters. 
  4. If the alias is valid, a green label “available” will appear. 
  5. Click on Upload.

Any uploaded ebook will be invisible by default. To make it viewable online, you will need to go to the Manage tab and publish the ebook from there.