Learn how to get Kotobee Cloud Services, whether Hosted Ebooks or Cloud Ebooks.

To determine which service is best for you see Introduction to Kotobee Cloud.

How do I get Kotobee Cloud Services?

  1. Go to our Downloads and Pricing webpage.Downloads and pricing page
  2. Scroll down to Kotobee Cloud.
  3. Click Click for pricing options.
  4. Locate the service you want.
  5. Click on Buy.
    The checkout page will appear.  
  6. Enter the information on this page and click "Continue."Checkout Page
  7. Review your order.
  8. Proceed with the payment process. 
    You may see recommendations for better-value offers. 

  9. Retrieve your serial number and enter it in Kotobee Author.
    If you already have a serial number, your account will be updated automatically.
    If you do not have a serial number, you will receive an email with your new serial number entitling you to all the capabilities of a Kotobee Author Free License, plus your new Kotobee Cloud Services.

You now have Kotobee Cloud Services.

Next Steps

Create Cloud Ebooks

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