Learn how to create Cloud Ebooks with Kotobee Author.

All Cloud Ebooks come with an ereader that you customize. If you like, go ahead and brand your ebook, add extra features for your readers, or design your loading page, then come back here to learn how to create a Cloud Ebook.

Creating Cloud Ebooks occurs in the final stage of the ebook creation process, when you export your ebook. 


If you haven't already, get Kotobee Cloud Services to create Cloud Ebooks, then follow the instructions here. 

  1. Click on the Export tab.The Export screen will open.
  2. From the left panel, select a format that supports Cloud Services:
    • Export Web App
    • Export Desktop App
    • Export Mobile App
    • Integrate with LMS
    • Host Online
  3. From the Convert to cloud ebook drop-down menu at the top of the page, select Add as new ebook.
  4. Follow the instructions to export your selected ebook format:

Export Mobile Apps

Export Web Apps

Export Chrome Apps

Export Windows Desktop Apps

Export Mac Desktop Apps

Online Ebook

Your new Cloud Ebook will be ready once export is complete.

By default, your cloud ebook will be public for any user to access it. Learn how to manage Cloud Ebooks.

Next Steps