Learn about the different export options available with Kotobee Author.

Kotobee Author not only offers you the ability to create interactive and customized ebooks, but it also exports ebooks to multiple formats, consistently delivering the same ebook on all platforms.

Kotobeeā€™s export formats can be divided into two categories: Standard Formats and Complete Solutions.

Standard formats

Kotobee Author offers you the flexibility of sharing your ebooks with your users via globally supported formats that can be easily opened with common apps.

The currently supported standard formats are  

  • EPUB,

  • MOBI (Kindle),

  • PDF, and

  • Word.

The Encrypted EPUB format restricts access from unauthorized users. The ebook can only be opened in Kotobee Reader. Any attempts to open the ebook with other readers will fail.

Complete Solutions

Kotobee Author also offers complete solutions enabling you to create Desktop Apps, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and SCORM with Kotobee Reader embedded for seamless viewing. Your readers can download your app and start reading the ebook immediately, without having to download an additional app.

Kotobee Ebook Apps:  

  1. Desktop apps

    1. Windows 32-bit

    2. Windows 64-bit

    3. Mac

    4. Chrome apps

  2. Web apps

    1. HTML5 based

    2. SCORM components.

  3. Mobile apps
    1. Android

    2. iOS

  4. LMS Integrations
    1. SCORM 1.2
    2. SCORM 2004