Categories/genres help you organize your library ebooks, and provides your users with easier navigation throughout your library. Under the Manage tab, click on the Hosted Libraries item in the left column. Select your library from the dropdown list. For library management, you will spend most of your time on this part of Kotobee Author.

Assigning a category

To assign an ebook to a category, after clicking on Books in the left column, you will see a category dropdown list for each ebook in the list. Simple select the category you would like to assign from there.

Creating new categories

Click on Categories in the left column menu. 

This screen shows you a listing of all the categories available in your library. New libraries you should contain no categories by default. Type in a name of a category and click Add category. You will see the new category in the list. Here are the available actions for each category:

Edit the name of the category
Display users who have permissions to access to this category. This will take you to the library Users subsection
Promo Codes
Display promo codes that have permissions to access to this category. This will take you to the library Promo Codes subsection
You can delete any category by clicking on this button


As of Kotobee Author v1.3.0, you may assign subcategories to categories. Practically, it is done by assigning a parent to a category, leading to the same result. This may be done from the Parent column. Click the dropdown menu to see a list of all categories in the library. By selecting anyone of them, the category will appear to be a descendent (child) of its parent in the library. To unset a category's parent, simply select None from the dropdown menu.

Hiding categories

You may decide to use categories as folders rather than book genres. This is especially wise when creating different payment plans for accessing different categories of books (free, basic, premium, etc.). In this case, you can hide the categories from appearing in the user interface, from the Customize subsection.