With the long hours of working on Kotobee Author, the software is keen to make you feel comfortable while creating your ebook. The Settings menu allows you to apply a different skin (design) to Kotobee Author’s interface. Also, a language among many may be chosen such that all instructions and labels of the software are in this language.

  • To change the skin color, go to Settings > Skins then pick one the different skins available. Your work will not be lost.
  • You can choose one of the many languages supported by Kotobee Author on the Settings > Languages list. Your work will not be lost. For a complete list of languages, click here.
  • Any outstanding popups can be closed by choosing the Settings > Clear Popups option.
  • If you encounter technical difficulties and/or wish to clear the software’s cache, click on Settings > Clear Cache. Note that this step will delete all saved preferences on your machine related to Kotobe Author. Such data includes serial number, language, and skin of choice.
  • You may click on Settings > Clear Plugins to clear all downloaded plugins. Note that this step will delete downloaded plugins on your machine related to Kotobee Author, such as Windows or Mac export plugins. However, you will be able to download them again any time.