Learn how to add or change your book's title, author and publisher information.

Book Title

In the Edit screen, left panel, you'll find the words Book Title and a text field underneath. Here you can name and rename your ebook. Your ebook title will appear in the header of your ebook app and in external ebook readers.

Book Manager

You can add the rest of the ebook information by clicking the Book Manager button, below the Book Title field.

The Book Manager window will open.

The information in the Book Manager will be recorded as metadata to help describe the ebook for search engines and ebook reader software.

Book Title  If you already set the Book Title, it will appear here.

Author You may enter the names of the authors, authoring organization, or leave it blank.

Publisher You may enter a publisher name under Publisher, or leave it blank if there is no publisher.

ISBN If the ebook you are creating has an ISBN number, you may enter it under ISBN. The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique commercial book identifier. For more information, please visit isbn.org.

Language You can specify the ebook’s language to help readers that use automated translating.

Layout You may specify the layout of the ebook: reflowable or fixed.

Rights Information on your ebook’s copyrights can be entered here including the owner/author, year of publication, along with the copyright symbol ©.

Description Write a description that will make people want to read your ebook. It's usually one paragraph and will appear along with your ebook cover and title.