With galleries you can combine multiple images together into a single area, with image navigation controls. A quick shortcut to create a gallery is by dragging a collection of images from your operating system into the Kotobee Author editor.  

To add a gallery

  • Click on the Gallery tool
  • Click on Add Images and select the images you would like to add to your gallery
  • Fill in the rest of the gallery properties and click Create

Available properties

Gallery Width
The width of the gallery area. The width may be pixel-based or percentage-based
Gallery Height
The height of the gallery area
The background color of the gallery area
The images inside the gallery can be scaled to "Cover" the entire area, while cropping out parts of the image, or scaled to be "Contained" within the boundaries of the area
Align the gallery to either side and allow text to wrap beside it. Setting to 'None' centers the gallery and consumes the entire horizontal space
Disable text-wrapping for small screens The gallery will occupy the entire horizontal row if the ebook is displayed on a screen with small dimensions

Set an empty spacing around the gallery. Particularly useful when wrapping text around the element

Class Mark this element with a CSS class