Kotobee Author and Kotobee Publisher are two software tools used for designing and creating interactive ebooks. There is some confusion as to what each can accomplish, and their core differences.

Kotobee Author, targeted for novice to professional users, is the ideal tool for designing, editing and creating interactive ebooks. Kotobee Author relies on the popular EPUB ebook standard, defined by the IDPF (for more information, refer to http://idpf.org/epub). This gives Kotobee Author the advantage of re-opening any EPUB ebook, editing it, and saving it back to be opened by other ebook readers and devices. Kotobee Author can add interactive elements to ebooks, that will appear in any ebook reader supporting the EPUB 3 standard, including of Kotobee Reader. Beside EPUB, Kotobee Author can export standalone ebook apps that run on web, desktop, mobile, or LMS systems, utilizing HTML5 technology at the core. The range of exported formats for Kotobee Author exceeds Kotobee Publisher greatly. Kotobee Author supports both fixed and reflowable layouts, which makes the exported ebooks user-friendly on smaller screens. Kotobee Author is being updated with more features regularly.

Kotobee Publisher, the first released tool among the Kotobee platform, is used to create interactive ebooks that are standalone and Flash based. Kotobee Publisher is designed for novice users with a very easy wizard-style interface. The ebook core is based on a proprietary format, and is run as standalone apps, for web, desktop, and mobile (Android only). Ebooks created with Kotobee Publisher have a page-flip effect. with the content set to a fixed layout, such that the entire page is zoomed in and out just like an image. To have a thorough understanding of the fixed layout mode, please refer to the knowledge-base article Understanding reflowable/fixed layout modes. Kotobee Publisher ebooks are based on Adobe Flash technology, while their native mobile app versions based on Adobe Air. For that, a strength of Kotobee Publisher lies in its capability to embed Flash SWF objects into the pages. Kotobee Publisher updates have been discontinued.