Learn how to import an EPUB chapter or an entire book. We'll point out how to do each along the way.

1. You can start importing an EPUB file as soon as you open Kotobee or in the middle of working on a project. 

a)  When you first open Kotobee Author from the Welcome Window, click the yellow folder labeled Open (KPUB2, EPUB).  Or

b)  From the toolbar click the new file button with the letter on it.

2. The Import EPUB dialogue box will open.

4.  Click Browse EPUB file.

5.  Select your EPUB file and click Open.

        Your ebook's title, cover and description will immediately appear.

6. Check what you would like to import: Entire book or Single Chapter:

  • Check Entire book, if you want to import the whole EPUB book, with its current format.

Then, click the Import button.

The import will take place instantly.

  • Check Single chapter, if you want to import one chapter from the selected EPUB file.

a) A drop-down box will appear with a list of chapters in the epub file.

b) Select the chapter you want to import.

c) If you want the imported chapter to replace the current chapter in your ebook, then check Replace with current chapter. 

d) Click the Import button.

The import will take place instantly.