Anchors are like a bookmark in your ebook that you can link to. 

You can also use an anchor as a bookmark to the beginning of chapters when you do not want to the chapter to start on a new page.

Add an Anchor

1.  Place the edit cursor where you want the anchor.

2.  Click on the Anchor button in the right panel. 

3.  The Insert/Edit Anchor window will appear.

4.  Name your Anchor. The name should be unique.  The name will not appear for your users.

5.  Click OK.

6.  A flag will appear where your anchor is.

Rename an Anchor

1. Click on the anchor flag.

2.  The insert/Edit Anchor window will appear.

3.  Rename the anchor.

4. Click OK.

Delete an Anchor

1. Delete/Backspace the flag in the text.