To download and install Kotobee Author for Mac OS:

1. Go to the Downloads and Pricing page.

2. Click the Mac Download button.

3. Download will automatically begin at the bottom of the screen.

4. Run the downloaded file, once download is complete.

5. Click Continue to proceed with the installation process.

6. Confirm your disk selection by clicking Install, or select a different disk by clicking Change Install Location.

7. In case you have select to install in a different location, select a different disk and click on Continue.

8. Enter your Mac username and password and hit Install Software to confirm installation. 

9. Kotobee Author will now install on your machine. 

10. Congratulations on successfully downloading Kotobee Author.

11. Once you click Close, a prompt will ask if you want to Keep the installer file or delete it by clicking Move to Trash

12. You can now access Kotobee Author at any time from the spotlight (Command+Space keyboard shortcut) and start creating creating your very own ebooks today.

To get the most out of Kotobee Author, get your serial number.