Learn about the three different modes that Kotobee provides for importing PDFs, including the advantages and limitations of each mode: editable content, accurate & selectable, and plain text.

Editable content

Converts your PDF into HTML5 format. Although it attempts to maintain your original layout, there may be errors in the conversion process, including errors in the text. You can correct the text, but the changes are limited and not flowable.

Chapters can only be edited in Fixed Layout.

Accurate & Selectable

Converts your PDF into a bitmap image, so you will not be able to change any of the original content on the page. You will be able to add anything you like from text to interactive content. You may also choose to have the text selectable (an HTML layer will be generated containing invisible text on top of each image), allowing your users to highlight, copy and search text in the PDF. 

Chapters can only be edited in Fixed Layout.

Ideal mode for PDFs that have many images and an intricate layout design that you want to maintain.

Plain text

Imports the text only. The text is imported as raw text excluding any formatting, all into a single chapter. You can change the content however you like. No images will be imported.  

Chapters can be edited in Fixed Layout or Reflowable Layout

Ideal mode for PDFs that have few images and minimal layout design.

Next step: Import your PDF, detailed instructions follow:

Import a PDF with Editable Content

Import a PDF with Accurate & Selectable Text

Import a PDF as Plain Text