Learn how to set up your Mobile App information for all operating systems, with the help of Kotobee Author.

If you haven't already, first read how to Export Mobile Apps, for general information on creating any mobile app with Kotobee.  Then return here for specific instructions on creating apps for Android, iOs and Windows phones.

  1. Click on the Export tab in the Kotobee upper header.
  2. Select Export Mobile Apps from the left panel.
  3. The information required for all operating systems is in the App information box shown in the mobile app export screen.

1. App name

Give your app a name. Note this name will appear in the App Store, Play Store, etc. 

2. Package ID

Give your app a unique Package ID. Many companies use their reverse domain name. If you update the app later, you will need this package ID.

3. App version

What version of your app is this? If you update the app later, you will need to the previous version number.

4. Description

Write a description of your app. 

5. Orientation

You can lock your app to a specific orientation (Portrait/Landscapte) or select All to allow your users to use either orientation.

6. Splash Color

Before the app starts, a splash screen is shown for a few seconds as the app loads. This option allows you to choose the color of the screen. The default is purple.

7. App icon

Click Add Icon to upload an app icon that will appear in the app menu. Recommendation: 512 px by 512 px, PNG file.

8. Permitted devices

This option makes a list of the devices that are allowed to access your app. You can identify each device using the IMEI, UDID, or MAC address. (This feature is not supported for iOS devices.)

9. Display ads

If you want to earn money from in-app ads using AdMob (from Google) enter your AdMob Publisher ID here. To create an AdMob account, please follow this link.

10. Optimize

Optimizing helps you decrease the size of your ebook by removing unused images and files. If you've manually added images through the file manager and will access them using Javascript, you shouldn't optimize your ebook.

Note: If you want to distribute your ebook app privately or for sale, you'll need Kotobee Cloud Services. Kotobee Cloud Services provides extra privileges such as user access control, note synchronization, and much more. For more information on cloud ebooks, please read Understanding cloud ebooks

To select the platform that you want to export to, you should enable them by clicking on the Enable button under each platform box. Each exporting platform requires some information that is specific to the platform only.

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