Learn how to generate a screenshot for your ebook Mobile app with Kotobee Author.

Generate screenshots

While you can go through your ebook app with the help of Kotobee Author's preview options to take a screenshot of how your mobile app will look for the app menus, Kotobee Author offers you another much simpler option. 

  1. Go to Export in the header tab.
  2. Click on Export Mobile App.
  3. Scroll down to Screenshots.
  4. Choose the Screen you'd like to take the screenshot from.
  5. Pick the most suitable Delay timing
  6. And click on Create!


This option refers to where in the Mobile app you'd like the screenshot to be taken from. There are fixed options, such as:

  • Startup screen
  • Table of Contents

But there will also be other chapters available that will be referred to as Untitled Chapter by default until you customize your chapters and add more.


This option refers to how far into the chapter you chose you'd like the app to run to then capture the shot you'd like. You see, when the Screenshot starts to generate a particular shot, it actually runs the app in a pop up that will quickly appear then disappear as it generates the desired shots. The delay will allow for some running time for chapters.