Learn about the Kotobee Free License which includes eligibility to use Kotobee Author with certain restrictions. 

Sign up at the homepage using your email address to receive a serial number for the Kotobee free license. Follow the email instructions carefully.

The Kotobee Free License enables you to create interactive ebooks that run across many machines and platforms. It allows you to use features of Kotobee products (Kotobee Author, Cloud, Library, and Reader) but with limitations. The free license allows the following:

  • Create interactive ebook content.
  • Import from EPUB, PDF or HTML.
  • Export PDF, EPUB or MOBI (for Kindle) ebooks.
  • Export Web or Desktop Apps with the Kotobee watermark.
  • Export 5 mobile apps with the Kotobee watermark.
  • Host one ebook online at a subdomain of your choice (e.g. mybook.kotobee.com).
  • Use one cloud ebook, to control user access to your ebook.
  • Create an ebook library at a subdomain of your choice.
  • Publish to the Kotobee Shared Library.

Kotobee Author Limitations

  • One user on 2 machines (computers)
  • 30 chapters/pages per ebook
  • 40 MB per ebook
  • Kotobee logo and watermark on web, desktop, and mobile apps
  • Cannot export encrypted EPUBs, and SCORM packages

User refers to the person creating the ebook in Kotobee Author. A single user is allowed to run Kotobee Author on a maximum of 2 machines (computers), regardless whether Windows or Mac.

Kotobee Cloud Limitations

  • A 30-day trial for one hosted ebook
  • 40 MB per hosted ebook
  • A 30-day trial for one cloud ebook
  • 10 users (readers) per cloud ebook

Kotobee Library Limitations

  • A 30-day trial for one library
  • 40 MB per library ebook
  • 20 users (readers) per library

Kotobee Reader Limitations

  • Exported ebook apps (bundled with Kotobee Reader) will contain a Kotobee logo and watermark.