Learn when TeamViewer can be useful for troubleshooting your issues.

TeamViewer is a software for remotely providing support by controlling the other computer temporarily. Both computers need to have TeamViewer installed and an ID/password shared, to authorize one computer to access the other. It basically acts as a remote control for your computer.

TeamViewer is useful when issues become difficult to explain, or only occur on a particular machine. This way the support company can not only see with their own eyes, but can have full control over the problem on the machine in question.

Note you should only use TeamViewer with people and companies that you trust, and must never leave your computer unattended while it's being remotely controlled. If you become suspicious at any point from the remote user's behavior on your computer (e.g. deleting files), disconnect straight away.

Using TeamViewer for Kotobee Support

The support agent is the one to decide whether the issue should be escalated to a TeamViewer session. Once a day/time is scheduled for a TeamViewer session, follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure you're connected with the support agent through Live Chat.
  2. Download TeamViewer from the following link:
  3. Once download is complete, run the software.
  4. Share the TeamViewer ID and Password (as in the screenshot below) with the support agent.
  5. Once the connection is established, you should start seeing your cursor controlled remotely by the support agent.