Learn how to share your cloud ebook with other team members for collaboration.

Kotobee Cloud provides you with the convenience of sharing access to your cloud ebook with other collaborators. This access is restricted to a collection of permissions of your choice.

Share a Cloud Ebook

To share a cloud ebook with a team member, first open the cloud ebook in Kotobee Author.

  1. Click on the green Share button.
  2. The Permissions dialog box will appear. Enter the team member's email, and select the set of permissions you would like to add to this member.
  3. Hit Save.

Note you can add multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma.

Select the Right Permissions

There are currently 5 different supported permissions.

Can exportCan export ebook apps, syncing to this cloud ebook.
Can manage usersCan add and delete users receiving access to the cloud ebook.
Can manage settingsThis user will have all permissions over the ebook to do any changes (includes all listed permissions). Please be careful who you give this permission to.

Edit or Remove a Team Member's Access

At the bottom of the Permissions dialog box, you will find a listing of all the members with access to this ebook. Click on any of the members, and select either Edit or Remove.

If you are editing the user, his set of permissions will be displayed. Perform the edits you need and hit Save.