Learn more about how Kotobee Libraries functions and how they can help organize and share ebooks in bulk.

Kotobee Library provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for scalable library systems. Institutes and organizations with large numbers of ebooks can serve and manage their ebooks through a library solution, instead of distributing them individually (regardless of whether the ebook is a web, desktop, or mobile app). Users are able to access all of those books through a single portal (website, desktop or mobile app) with a personalized user experience. The administrator has the ability to perform all the necessary library management actions through a single window: Kotobee Author. 

This includes the following:

Libraries are treated similarly to cloud ebooks. The library utilizes a space on the cloud (server) which is used to store all books and users along with their data (notes, bookmarks, and highlights). This is why you’ll find the library settings to be somewhat similar to cloud ebook settings. In addition to that, library ebooks are stored on the cloud and requested on demand by the library website or mobile app.

Learn how to create a new library.