Learn how to add audio to your ebook whether by uploading an audio file to your ebook or by embedding audio from a website. You can also select an icon from several to appear in your ebook and test the audio controls.

Add Audio

  1. Click on the Audio button in the panel on the right.
    The Insert/Edit Audio window will appear.
  2. Select the location of the file:
    • If you want to embed an audio file from a website, click Audio URL (MP3 Link). 
      We recommend this option if you want your final ebook file size to be small.

      If your audio file is uploaded on an audio hosting service online, make certain it has the .mp3 extension at the end of the web address.

      1. Paste the URL of the .mp3 file.  
      2.  You may set optional features (below) or click Create.
    • If you want to include an audio file from your computer, click Add audio file. 

      Generally this method is only recommended for small sound clips. If the file size is not a concern or the audio size is small, you can directly upload it from your computer; otherwise, we recommend you upload the file to an audio file hosting website, then embedding it, using the steps above.

      1. Click Add audio file.
      2. A window will open showing the files on your computer.  
      3. Select the .mp3 file and click Open.
      4. You may set optional features (below) or click Create.
    • If you are integrating with an LMS, you can choose an objective to count toward when your readers listen to the recording. Objectives may be defined in the Book manager.

      For more advanced authors you can change the CSS class associated with your audio file to customize certain features like button shape or color. Once you’re done uploading your file and assigning an objective or class if you’d like, clicking Create will place a button in your ebook that will play the linked or uploaded audio file.

  3. Click Create.

The audio icon will now be on your page. You can select a different icon by using the arrows above and below the color wheel to the right of your audio box.  

To test your audio file, go into Preview Mode.

If you want to add a short audio clip to some text without a button appearing, you can do so by adding a link to the audio that will play once you click on the text. To learn how to do that, go to Add a Link to Audio.