Learn how to add a new language to your ebook app.

Kotobee Author now supports 19 languages. There is no direct way to add additional languages; however, some of our users have found success in replacing an existing language with their own by using the customize language translations option, then setting the new language as the app's only language.

If you're interested,

  1. Follow the instructions in Change Any Text in Your App's Interface to replace an existing language with your own (yes, even if it's Klingon).
  2. Notify your readers that you've replaced language X with your own. 


To ensure your users don't switch languages, you can

  1. Go to Reading in the Customize tab.
  2. Head down to Language change.
  3. Click on Disable and you're done.

That way, if you do alter an existing language, your users will not be able to find out or change it.

If there’s a language you’d like us to add, we’re more than happy to receive your requests.