Learn about Hosted Ebooks and Exported Web Apps, how they are similar and how they differ.

How Are They Similar?

Hosted Ebooks and Exported Web Apps both run with an ereader in any internet browser. 

In both cases, you will get to customize the reading environment for your readers.

For your readers the two ebooks will seem identical.

How Are They Different?


After your ebook is complete, Hosted Ebooks go online (to Kotobee's servers) with a single click from inside Kotobee Author. 

Exporting as a web app will require several steps to upload to your website.

Applying Changes

Applying changes to your hosted ebook can be done from within Kotobee Author and changes will be applied automatically. You will not need to leave Kotobee Author at all. 

For exported web apps however, you will need to repeat the publishing process again, and re-upload the files to your server.

Reader Updates

With both options, your ebook comes with an embedded ereader, which we periodically update.

Hosted ebooks will automatically be updated with the new reader. 

As for exported web apps, they will need to be re-exported and re-uploaded to your server.


Hosted ebooks will have a URL in the form of example.kotobee.com, where "example" can be any subdomain of your choice. 

Exported web apps' URL will depend on your website's server settings.

Hosted EbooksExported Web Apps
Runs in Internet Browsers✓ 
Hosted on Kotobee Servers 
Kotobee Subdomain
Live Content Changes
Customized Ereader
Ereader Updates

Next Steps

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