Learn how to host your ebook on Kotobee servers using Kotobee Cloud.

If you haven't already, first get Kotobee Cloud Services for both Hosted Ebooks and Cloud Ebooks, then return here.

Before we begin open the ebook in Kotobee Author.

  1. Click on the Export tab.
    The Export screen will open.
  2. Select Host Online from the left panel.
  3. Select Add as new ebook from the Convert to cloud ebook drop-down menu.
  4. Enter a URL that users can use to access your ebook in the Alias textbox.
    The alias must be unique and not less than 4 characters.
    If the alias is valid, a green Available label will appear. 
  5. Click Upload.
    The upload may take a moment.
    When it has been uploaded, a notification window will appear, informing you that your ebook is now hosted on our servers. It is not yet published.
  6. Click the green Publish now button.Your ebook is now online for anyone to read. Learn how to control access to your Hosted Cloud Ebook.

If you click Close, your ebook will remain on our servers, but you will need to publish it from Manage>Hosted Ebooks for your readers to be able to see it.

Next Step

    Manage Cloud Ebooks