Learn how to change your reader's user password for access to your cloud ebook.

  1. Click on the Manage tab.
    The Manage screen will open.
  2. Click on Cloud Ebooks in the left panel.
  3. Select Users from the Cloud Ebooks menu in the left panel.
  4. Select your cloud ebook from the drop-down menu in the top bar.
  5. Locate the user in the main panel.
    You may use the filter options in the upper right corner to find the user.
  6. Click Dashboard.
    The user's data page will open for you to make any changes.
  7. Click Change Password.
    The change password window will open.
  8. Enter a new password twice under Password and Confirm password.
  9. Check Inform user of password change.
  10. Click Ok.
    A confirmation window will appear in Kotobee Author: "Password changed successfully."