Learn how to create a single-use promo code for your Library.

Single-use promo codes are only valid for use once. Multiple users will not be able to use the same promo code.

We will first create a promo code then set the promo code to expire after first use. 

If you already have a promo code, then skip to step 6.

  1. Click on the Manage tab.
    The Manage screen will open.
  2. Click on Libraries in the left panel.
  3. Select your library from the drop-down menu in the top bar.
  4. Select Promo Codes from the Libraries menu in the left panel.
    A list of the library's promo codes will open in the main screen.
  5. Click Create global code in the upper right corner.
    A confirmation window will appear: "Code created successfully."
    The promo code will be listed in the main screen.
  6. Locate the new promo code in the list (It should be the last one.)
  7. Click Dashboard.
    The Promo code's dashboard will open in the main screen.
  8. Check Override promo code settings, in the Information window.
  9. From the Expire promo code after drop down menu, select First use.
  10. Click Save.
    A confirmation window will appear: "The changes have been saved successfully."