Learn about Kotobee Library Plans' features and pricing.

All Library Plans offer

  • DRM Protection,
  • LTI integration,
  • Tin Can integration, 
  • API integration,
  • WooCommerce integration for Wordpress,
  • Memberful integration for Wordpress,
  • User access control (permissions),
  • Collaboration with other authors and administrators,
  • Management of promo codes,
  • Customization of email templates, and
  • User self-registration.
Basic Plans Fee/MonthFee/Year
10 Book Library (<1,000 Users)
+5 Ebook Upgrade
100 Book Library (<1,000 Users)
+5 Ebook Upgrade
1,000 Book Library (<10,000 Users)
+5 Ebook Upgrade
Unlimited Ebooks (<10,000 Users)

Note: User refers to the reader of the ebook.

User Upgrades

Users in your library are interchangeable. This means if you delete a user from your library, you can still add another one in his place without consuming an additional user count. Still, if needed, you may upgrade the total number of users at anytime. Users may be upgraded in increments of 1000. The more users, the smaller the upgrade fee is. In the following table, pricing is categorized according in 3 tiers: less than 10,000 users, between 10,000 and 100,000 users, and more than 100,000 users.

Upgrade< 10,000 Users
<100,000 Users
>100,000 Users
+1000 User Upgrade+$75/year+$20/year+$5/year
+10,000 User Upgrade-+$500/year+$50/year
+100,000 User Upgrade--+$1500/year
Unlimited Users--+$2500/year

Kotobee Free Licenses come with a 30-day free trial. Libraries without a paid plan support up to 20 users, up to 40MB/ebook and are deleted at the end of the 30 days. Paid library plans support up to 150MB/ebook.