Learn how to set the display of a category in the categories menu in your library. The same steps can also be followed for any subcategory.

You can control the category's display settings from the display dropdown menu:
You may display your category in different formats:

  • The category name alone
  • The category name on top of a background image
  • An image along

Additionally, you have the following options:

  • Use the category as a tab in the top menu of the library
  • Hide the category from appearing in the category list

Change the Category Display Mode

  1. Click on the Manage tab.
    The Manage screen will open.
  2. Click on Libraries in the left panel.
  3. Select your library from the drop-down menu in the top bar.
  4. Select Categories from the Libraries menu in the left panel.
    A list of all your categories will appear in the main window.
  5. Locate the category you want to change its display in the category menu.
  6. From the drop down menu in the Display column select the display option:
    • Text displays the name of the category.
    • Image displays only an image in the category bar.
    • Image and Text displays the category name and the image as a background.
  7. If you choose to display an image, the image should be 75 pixels high to fit in the category's bar in the menu. A thumbnail will instantly appear to the left of the drop-down menu. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail to upload an image.

Changes will take place instantly.