Learn how to customize five elements of the Startup Page for your new library: image, logo, slogan, loading message, and background color. 

The startup page is the first screen your readers will see when they open your app. It appears while your library is loading. How long it stays on the screen depends on the size and complexity of your library. Small libraries load quickly, while large libraries will take longer to load, meaning the startup page will remain on the screen longer. 

The startup page is made up of five different elements, and you can customize all of them:

Take a look at the default below to get an idea of the different elements and how they fit together:

  • Startup image: none
  • Startup color scheme: background-white, text-black
  • Logo: Kotobee logo
  • Slogan: "An interactive ebook library"
  • Loading Message: "Loading library. Please, wait."

Most work will be done in your library's Design tab in the Customize window of the Manage screen. 

  1. Click on the Manage tab.

    The Manage screen will open.

  2. Click on Libraries in the left panel.

  3. Select your library from the drop-down list in the top bar.

  4. Select Customize from the Libraries menu in the left panel.

  5. Click on the Design tab to reveal the design features.
    The Design section will open.

When you're done, don't forget to save.

Let's begin.

Startup Image

You may upload a background image for the startup screen.

Startup Image

  1. Click on add image.
    Your file manager will appear.
  2. Select the background image you want to upload.

  3. Click enter to upload.

Startup image scale

  1. From the Startup image scale drop-down menu select one of the three display options:

    • Stretch if necessary, will stretch and crop the image to fill the screen. This option may distort the original image.

    • Contain will preserve the image’s aspect ratio and fit it inside the screen. The remainder of the screen will be filled with the background color. Scroll down to the next section to see how to set the background color.

    • Cover will preserve the image’s aspect ratio, and enlarge it until it covers the entire screen. This option may result in cropping the image.

Play with the three options on different devices and platforms.

If the image does not fill the screen, select a background color below.

Startup Color Scheme

These options allow you to customize the background and text colors of the startup screen.

1. Startup background color will appear if you do not select a background image, or behind a small background image. 

Enter the hex-code or

  1. Click on the drop-down menu next to Startup background color

  2. Select a color in the sidebar.

  3. Select a shade from the main square.

2. Startup text color

Enter the hex-code or

  1. Click on the drop-down menu next to Startup text color.

  2.  Select a color in the sidebar.
  3. Select a shade from the main square

That's it. Any time you would like to reset to the initial colors set by Kotobee Author, simply click on Reset to default colors.


The Logo will appear in the center of the startup page

Please keep in mind that this option is not available on Free License Plans. 

There are two logo options:

1. Hide logo

To hide the logo:

  1. Click on the box next to Hide Logo.
    If you don’t want to remove the logo, then leave the box unchecked.

2. Custom logo

To add your custom brand logo: 

  1. Click on add image.
    A window will appear for you to select your logo from your computer files.

  2. Click enter to upload and you're done.


Here you can type out your company’s slogan, book subtitle, or any phrase you want to appear near the bottom of the startup screen.

  • The default Slogan is “An Interactive Ebook”.

  • You may replace the slogan with your company slogan or your ebook’s subtitle. 

  • You may also remove the slogan entirely.

Startup Loading message

While loading the ebook, a small loading message is displayed at the bottom of the screen, saying "Loading Book. Please wait." 

Check Hide loading message to remove this message entirely.

If you'd like to rephrase it, click on the Reading tools tab, above the Design tab.

  1. Click on Customize Language.
  2. Scroll down to number 88. (or Use the Filter in the lower right corner. Search for "loading book".)
  3. Enter the new message in the text box.
  4. Press Save and you're done.

  1. Close all customization tabs. 
  2. Click Save changes.