Beside many bug fixes, this release has three essential features worth mentioning.

Drag and Drop Questions

We have finally released one of our most frequently requested feature: drag and drop question types. In these types of questions, you create categories and associated items (words or phrases) that fall into this category. The user will see the items scattered and he needs to drag them into the correct categories.

Drag and drop questions can also take different style presets through the color wheel. For more information about it may be found here:

Kotobee Reader API

For advanced users, you now have a Javascript library available for you in your chapters, which can let you control the reader, in addition to do plenty of amazing things. It is the same idea as a jQuery object, but named "kotobee". You can use any of its methods, properties, or events inside the global JS file. In your favorite browser's web inspector console, simply type in kotobee.documentation to see the full documentation of the API.

More information may be found here:

Hide Widescreen Permanently

Although this is a tiny addition, it's exclusively mentioned here due to the continuous requests to make it happen. On widescreen monitors, the table of contents was forced to appear on the side. You can now set it to hide even on widescreen. This is achieved through the customization option below.

That's all folks!