This release enhances your library ebook management through the use of multiple categories. This way your ebook is not restricted to fall under just one category, but more. Beside that, a number of improvements and additions have been made to Kotobee Author. 

Let's take a look shall we?

Note you may see the Release Notes for any of the older releases of Kotobee anytime.

Ebook File Size

At some point of time you may want to know how much size your ebook content is taking, to stay below certain limits. You 

may find that out now from the Book Manager, inside Kotobee Author. This will show you a live preview of your ebook size.

Any hosted ebooks or library ebooks will also show you the file size in the listing. This applies to all versions of each ebook.

Multiple Categories

Library ebooks may now fall under more than one categories, taking the same behavior as "tags". You will be able to easily add multiple tags through the book listing itself.

This also prevents you from having to upload your ebook multiple times to have them appear in different categories - something which is achievable easily using multiple categories.

Chapter Specific Access by Name

We are developing chapter specific more and more. The latest addition is that now you're able to identify chapters not just by their index, but also by their absolute name. Moving chapters around or adding chapters may change their index. That's why chapter names can be a better alternative in many cases.

Support for WooCommerce Product Variations

If you're using the Kotobee Wordpress Plugin to link your WooCommerce ebook products to your cloud ebook or library, this feature will come in handy. Previously all variations for a certain product shared the same link to Kotobee, which meant that you had to separate each variation into its own independent product. With this update, each variation has its own separate linking. This way you can have a single product, where each variation unlocks separate permissions for your user.

Large Image Popups

The option to specify the size of your image popup is now available when adding (or editing) an image. Choosing a large size will cause the image popup to open full screen (to an extent).

Deeper Optimization

Kotobee Author's optimization function has enhanced to scan through all imported EPUB files in your project, and eliminate those files that are unused. This can reduce your ebook size significantly, especially if you're noticing the file size mysteriously increasing. You may optimize any open ebook through the File > Optimize and Save menu item, or using the Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S keyboard shortcut.

Popup Widget File Structure

Book widgets as popups have a common structure, coined by Apple. Now we've made things much more simple. If your widget (web-app) is simply compressed and added as a popup widget, Kotobee Author will accept it.

You may download this version (or revert to older versions) from

Thanks for reading through and for all your support!