This release has a few urgent fixes, a number of new features, and a major update to the Kotobee Reader app, for all platforms. Continue reading below.

Note you may see the Release Notes for any of the older releases of Kotobee anytime.

Kotobee Reader Updated

 Kotobee Reader has been updated with a more elegant interface, to open offline EPUB or KPUB2 files, as well as access the Kotobee Shared Library. Kotobee Reader also supports displaying your ebook customization, in case you have it exported from Kotobee Author. This means you may control the reading tools inside the ebook, the interface design, and more!

Preserve Ebook Customization

Following up on the latter, when you export an EPUB from Kotobee Author, you may now optionally preserve the customization settings stored inside the EPUB, or strip them out as before. Preserving them, will allow you to give your readers a pleasant reading experience when opening the EPUB inside Kotobee Reader.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Export [Beta]

Progressive Web Apps are on the rise, and now you can turn your own ebook or library app into a Progressive Web App. This will allow your users to install your ebook or library web app from any modern browser, through its menu. The result: a shortcut icon on your desktop (or home screen) that will run your ebook or library app, without a browser toolbar. It mimics an actual native app running, all using an online web app.

Open Videos in Popups

Instead of playing videos inside the page where they are locating, have them play inside a large consistent popup window. 

Thumbnail for Image Popups

If you have an image set to open in a popup of its own, you can optionally choose a different image to appear as a "splash" image or thumbnail inside the page. Once that is clicked, the original image will appear. This is appropriate in case you want to display a simple image informing the user to click, whereas the original image is complex with details.

Optimization Enhancements

Further enhancements have been made to the way we reduce your ebook size by deleting unused content. Mistakenly widgets not having the extension were deleted, but now all widget extensions are considered.

Flexibility with Book Access

Just like you can control the flexibility with who accesses your ebooks, you can also pick certain ebooks to be publicly accessible for everyone. You may want to display a free ebook only to anonymous users, but hide it from signed-in users. This is now achievable through the new book access settings.

You may download this version (or revert to older versions) from

Till the next release, take care!