This quick release has a small number of updates, but each one is significant. Especially if you're working with libraries or cloud ebooks, you are able to automate deactivation of users and specific book access. Without further ado, let's take a look at the details.

Note you may see the Release Notes for any of the older releases of Kotobee anytime.

Scheduled Expiration

As already hinted, if you're a library or cloud ebook owner, you may now schedule the expiration of certain properties of a user.

Here is what you can currently schedule for expiration.

User ActivationDeactivate the user at a certain date.
User RoleUnassign the user's role at a certain date.
Book AccessRemove access to a certain book at a certain date.
Category AccessRemove access to a certain category at a certain date.
Library AccessRemove access to the entire library at a certain date.
Global Data AccessRemove access to global data functions at a certain date.

With this new feature, applications are countless. You can have a more automated workflow by selling time-limited access to users. Our APIs have also been updated.

Rich-Text (HTML) Support in Questions

Questions in Kotobee Author now support HTML. You may control font size and additional formatting. This is supported for all question types.

Question Separator

You may now separate questions with a new separator option. This separator may contain custom text, including a top or bottom border. This is useful if you would like to provide dense explanation before a question.

Serial Navigation Mode

Although a minor feature, when navigating forward or backward, select either to go through items in the book spine, or jump through chapter HTML files, ignoring anchors. This is useful if you have many items in your table of contents that is jumping to different parts of your chapter. In this case, you can have the Next/Previous buttons jump to the next chapter file altogether.

You may download this version (or revert to older versions) from

Till the next release, take care!