This major release is all about analytics. Explore how users are interacting with your content, at what times, how long they're spending, and more. This release also includes plenty of cool new features and major performance improvements.

Let's start with analytics!

Note you may see the Release Notes for any of the older releases of Kotobee anytime.

Analytics Dashboard

A friendly slick dashboard opens up when you select your library or cloud ebook in Kotobee Author. This dashboard displays plenty of usage analytics for your library or cloud ebook. 

Analytics are displayed in the form of charts, graphs, and lists for the following data:

  • Growth of user signups
  • Frequency of user logins
  • Frequency of failed logins
  • Evolution of time spent in the ebook
  • Frequency of chapters viewed
  • Most active users
  • Most active chapters
  • Most active books
  • Most active links
  • Clicks and engagement with interactive content:
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • Popup widgets
    • 3D models
    • Questions
    • Links

In the case of libraries, these analytics can be displayed for a book of preference, or for the entire library.

New events in your ebook have started getting registered into our system starting from 1st week of December. You'll find any analytics before that date minimal in your dashboard. Give it some time!

Summary Dashboard

To extend the latter within the same analytics dashboard, you are presented with a summary of your library or cloud ebook, with basic statistics.
The summary includes:

  • Recent activity on the library or cloud ebook
  • Number of active, inactive, and unused user accounts
  • Number of active, inactive, and unused promo codes
  • Number of published, unpublished, and unused books
  • List of recent activity
  • Your subscription renewal date

Question Slides

A new mode of displaying questions is introduced. This new mode displays questions one at a time separately, and does not advance to the next question unless the user has answered the current one.

Questions Strict Mode

This new strict mode goes hand in hand with the latter Question Slides. Strict mode prevents your users from advancing to the next question until they get the currently displayed question correct.

Zapier Plugin

Kotobee now has a new Zapier app, that allows you to smartly integrate with many online services, such as Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and more. Attach triggers to external services which will feed users into your library or cloud ebook whenever a certain event occurs. Similarly, send new user information to external services whenever a new user signs up to your library or cloud ebook. This opens doors to importing/exporting your users from/to different sources. Explore all Zapier apps here.

Book Update Notifications

Whenever you've updated any of library ebook which your users have previously downloaded, they will receive a notification informing them of a new version of that ebook available. This is available in libraries only on mobile apps and desktop apps.

Mac and iOS latest support

Kotobee Author's installer has been sent to Apple and now successfully notarized to run without warning on Mac OS Catalina. Also in case you're exporting iOS mobile apps, Kotobee Author has been updated to comply with iOS new icon requirements.

Extended Reader API events

If you are implementing your own ebook code (HTML/JS), this one's important for you. Our reader API has been extended to cover listening for interactions happening within the content of your ebook, such as link clicks, videos played, questions submitted, and more. You can now very easily listen to these events and implement your own callbacks. Learn more about the Kotobee Reader API.

Free License Limits Updated

In order to provide more frequent updates and feature enhancements, we've decided to reduce the allowance of the Kotobee free license. This free license allows you to export your ebooks in the following formats: EPUB, PDF, Word, Kindle, Web and Desktop Apps (watermarked). There is a limit of 10 chapters (previously 30) and a limit of 20 MB filesize (previously 50).

HTML Import Enhancements

HTML import is a very powerful tool of Kotobee Author as it allows you to automatically convert a single HTML page into a nested ebook structure. This tool has been optimized to complete the conversion in much less time than before.

With this first release of v1.6, we see a lot of potential in the coming minor releases, building on analytics and authoring features to give you the best ebook creation and management experience ever!

You may download this version (or explore other versions) from

Till the next release, take care!